Design Department 

Development of special-purpose and unique electric motors 

The SKB is an experienced developer and manufacturer of electric motors with unique design, electrical, mechanical and other parameters in contrast to general-purpose industrial motors manufactured at electro-technical plants (with max. power of 30 kW): 

- motors for drives of fans, pumps, compressors and air conditioners, which can operate in any climate area 

- variable frequency motors with independent ventilation 

- motors for Nuclear Power Plants 

- motors with power frequency of 50, 60, 100, 400 Hz 

- motors for operation on rolling stocks and marine vessels in the unrestricted navigation area  

- built-in motors with freon and oil resistant insulation 

- permanent magnet generators 

- AC converter-fed motors 

- multi-speed and direct-drive variable frequency motors for elevator drives 

- brake motors with a built-in or built-on electromagnetic brake. 

Development of various kinds of other equipment:  

- сentrifugal, whirlpool, jet, centrifugal downhole, submersible, spray electric pumps for domestic and industrial use 

- household automatic pumping stations 

- shredders of different feeds (root crops, grain, corn ears, grass) for gardens and farms 

- electric fan heaters, hot air curtains, heat guns. 

Development of engineering documentation is performed according to technical requirements of the customer; the manufacture of breadboard models and prototypes is also possible.  

The SKB specialists can provide any technical assistance and advice concerning the choice, connection, installation, operation and maintenance of the products.  

Our goal is a mutually beneficial cooperation on an ongoing basis, which will allow you to minimize the production costs and improve the competitiveness and sales level.