At the time of economic instability and increasing of prices for primary energy carriers, the development of new technologies of the nonconventional power sources usage becomes an actual problem.  For this reason practical use of wind energy for domestic and production needs will allow saving the resources in present conditions of an energy crisis and create possibility of power supply to the objects, located in remote areas.

Using the small wind power systems for electricity generation is the most effective way of wind energy utilization. Taking into account an increased interest for such stations in Ukraine, the Manufacturing and Engineering Center “SKB Ukrelektromash” developed the synchronous generator on permanent magnets of SGPM-750-48M1 type for household autonomous wind power stations with output up to 10 kW.

The interest to this class of generators is determined by their high technical and economical characteristics: the best power values, design simplicity, long service life, reliability, ability to work at speed of wind from 2.5 to 60 m/s. It proves foundation and appropriateness of its application in the systems of autonomous power supply.

Application: synchronous generators shall be used as the source of alternate current of permanent frequency and installed at power plants, in electrical units, on transport.

Distinctive features of the synchronous generator on permanent magnets of SGPM-750-48M1 type for household wind power stations, developed by the SKB Ukrelektromash, are the following:
The Manufacturing and Engineering Center “SKB Ukrelektromash” provides the full complex of services connected with development, production of prototypes, testing and launching into manufacturing. The company has a unique testing center, which can provide testing according to all requirements, made for these types of products.

We can meet all your requirements regarding development of the new equipment, its modeling and serial production on your request.

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