Low-noise induction motors 2DMSh 63-112, 2DMSh 132-200, induction motors of 2DMSh 63-112 OM5 series, induction motors of 2DMSh 132-20 OM5 series

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Low-noise induction motors 2DMSh 63-112 and 2DMSh 132-200 and their modifications are manufactured in accordance with technical specifications 16-513.484-80 and 16-513.485-80 respectively. Marine three-phase squirrel-cage motors are designed for marine machinery drives (fans, air conditioners, pumps, compressors) for operation in the unrestricted navigation area. Electric motors can be manufactured for all climate regions (including marine, cold, tropical, etc.) on a customer’s request. Motors correspond to the Rules and Regulations for the Construction and Classification of Marine Vessels. They meet the requirements of GOST 183-74 and GOST 23396-78. Motors are designed for three-phase AC power supply, 50Hz, 380V or 220V. Motors 2DMSh 63-100 can be customized for voltage of 127 V in accordance with technical specifications 16-513.484-80. Mounting arrangement is IM1001, IM2001 and IM3001 in accordance with GOST 2479-79 and shall be specified in the order. Rated operating mode is continuous duty (S1) according to GOST 183-74; operation in temporary duty (S2) is permitted as well. Environmental protection degree is IP55 according to GOST 14254-80. Cooling method is IC0141 according to GOST 20459-87 (with a self-blowing cooling fan), except for motors 2DMShO and 2DMShOV, which are blown over by a fan mounted on the motor shaft.

Motors 2DMSh 63-112 have a rated power range from 0.06 to 4.0 kW, and 2DMSh 132-200 - from 2.2 to 30 kW respectively.

In addition to the main version of 2DMSh, the following modifications are available: 

Basic specifications are stated in the certificate of the motor, meanwhile the design modifications shall be discussed while placing an order for a particular motor.