Motors with Outer Rotor for Centrifugal Fans

с наружнім ротором_1000.jpgInduction electric motors DN80-100 

Marine special-purpose three-phase squirrel-cage induction electric motors DN80-100 are manufactured in accordance with 16-513.443-77. Motors are designed for centrifugal fan drives of double inlet fans. Motors meet the requirements of GOST B 23396-78, current technical specifications, engineering documentation and Terms of delivery … No.01-1874-62 (on a customer’s request).  

Electric motors can be manufactured for all climate regions (including marine, cold, tropical, etc.) on a customer’s request. Mounting arrangement is horizontal. Motor design provides the possibility of motor mounting to the fan frame with the shaft ends. Cooling is provided with air flow blown by a fan, in which the motor is built-in. Rated operating mode is continuous duty (S1) according to GOST 183-74. Motors provide 12 start-ups per hour evenly over time. Motors are designed for 50Hz, 220V and 380V. Protection degree is IР44 according to GOST 14254-80 and GOST 17494-72. Protection against water intrusion through the shaft line is not provided.  

The development of the following motors with external rotor are planned within R&D activity:

DN 112A6-2.2 kW  

DN 132A6-3.0 kW