Manufacturing capabilities

The Company has a complete technological production cycle, which includes stamping, aluminum casting, machining, assembling and testing. At each production stage the products are technically controlled, if required – with the Customer participation. At the final stage the products pass acceptance testing, and if required — more profound control. Motors are manufactured with acceptance of the Register of Shipping and the Ministry of Defence.   

The SKB manufacturing units involve the following technological processes:

The casting shop is equipped with electric furnaces for aluminum smelting, a drying oven for mould baking and a vibration table. The Company can design and manufacture models for sand clay casting of all dimension types and maximum rotation axis height of 225 mm.

Stamping and burdening tooling provides manufacture of stator and rotor packages with diameter to 320 mm and length to 800 mm. Stamping equipment consists of different presses, including notching machines, which provide manufacture of magnetic core sheets with different geometry slots, impact frequency of 150 strokes per minute and cutting diameter of max. 500mm.

Metal-working equipment provides processing of parts and products with outer diameter to 570 mm and length to 1400 mm.

Winding-insulating and dipping-painting units provide manufacturing operations on random winding of any complexity category while working with insulation materials of В, F and H thermal resistance grades.