International cooperation

The SKB Engineering Center constantly improves current procedures and develops new ones for electric motor and pump calculations.  

For example, the SKB has close cooperation with Ukrainian leading universities (National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"), foreign institutes: NIPTIEM (Scientific Research Design Engineering and Technology Institute of Electric Machine Industry), Russia, and Dr.-Ing. Braun Institute, Germany, in "electromagnetic core" optimization and in general choice of optimal design and materials. Methods of electro-magnetic, thermal and ventilation calculations of electric motors, as well as calculations for single-phase electric motors, were introduced within this cooperation in 2010-2012.  

One of the main trends in modern electric machine industry is division into development and assembly of new products by leading manufacturers, as well as manufacture of electro-technical components, primarily, stator and rotor packs.  

For the new look and new series of  HELZ electric motors, the SKB has made a lot of efforts to select international suppliers of components, resulted in partnership with leading European and Chinese manufacturers of high-quality lamination (stator and rotor packs). At the same time, electric motor design optimization and adaptation issues related to difference in manufacturing technology have been solved.  

Joint work with engineers from the partner companies has ensured technical level increase and product quality consistency.  

In order to ensure design optimization and proper material application for high speed motors while establishing partnership with European companies, we have applied electro dynamo steel with unique electromagnetic properties, which has helped us to achieve the highest efficiency of 94% for the motors with speed range of 30 … 40 000 min-1.