Timeline.JPGThe Special Design Bureau (SKB) was founded in 1963 and during the Soviet period it occupied the leading position in design of electric motors of small and medium sizes.

In 1975, the SKB joined Ukrelectromash Industrial Association, created on the basis of Kharkov Electro-Technical Plant.

The developments of the SKB have been implemented at 20 plants of the USSR and are still used in 40 countries around the world.

The Company's activity is inextricably linked with the serial plant HELZ Ukrelectromash which manufactures products on the basis of the documentation developed by the SKB Ukrelectromash.

In 2009, the Company organically joined the UPEC Industrial Group, and since then a new reference time has started which is associated with the creation of new research directions, the development of promising subject-matters, and the manufacture of new competitive products.

At the same time, the Company has implemented a comprehensive automation system that provides electronic document management, and in particular enables to coordinate the documentation with HELZ serial plant at the development stage of individual units and details of a product; and this has greatly accelerated lead time and introduction of new products. 

The achievement of a high technical level of new technology products has become possible due to new software implemented at the Company in order to perform high-quality electromagnetic, thermal and ventilation calculations. The optimizing modules aiming to develop optimal designs are at the implementation stage. 

In recent years, the range of tasks associated with the development of new technology has been expanded, new advanced design methods have been introduced in engineering units and new processes have been implemented at the place of manufacture; and a constant flow-in and further training of young specialists is being maintained at the Company. Thw best senior students have introductory internship at the Company or work part-time and successfully apply their knowledge in practice.

Year after year the SKB Ukrelectromash provides a constant gain in production due to orders for new competitive products. Recently R&D work has been performed which concerns the creation of special variable frequency high-speed induction motors with speed of 30 thousand rev/min and capacity of 20 and 50 kW, a special variable frequency direct-drive induction motor for elevators, a synchronous generator with permanent magnets and a range of other products.