Engineering and manufacturing center «SKB Ukrelectromash»


Engineering and manufacturing center “SKB Ukrelectromash” as an independent company was founded in 1963, and in accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR it was determined as the main enterprise for design and industrial implementation of electric motors for military equipment used by Navy and Air Defense.

Since the foundation of the organization and up to the present moment, electric motors developed and manufactured by the SKB drive wheels of pumps, blades of fans, working parts of compressors and other mechanisms installed in a huge number of surface ships and submarines.

Our enterprise, during its activity, has developed low-noise motors series, including those designed in accordance with the highest standards to vibro-acoustic characteristics and requirements for low-magnetic properties, in a wide range of capacities and height of rotation axis.

Currently, military-purpose products are represented by electric motors of the following series:

- DM for the first generation of vessels;

- 2DMSh for the second generation of vessels;

- 3DMSh for the third generation of vessels;

- 4DMSh for the fourth generation of vessels;

- electric motors with variable frequency at AC 400Hz for Air Defence;

- electric motors for rocket technology, as well as marine technology;

- built-in and submersible electric motors.

Engineering and manufacturing center “SKB Ukrelectromash” provides the full complex of works on development, prototyping, testing and preparing for manufacturing of military equipment. Every technological step is accompanied with quality control, correspondence to the requirements of Ministry of Defense and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The new big step in the better future was made when SKB Ukrelectromash became a part of the UPEC In-dustrial group – one of the biggest private companies in the East Ukraine. The UPEC is one of the CIS leading manufacturers of bearings, electric motors, pumps, CNC grinding machines, transmissions and chassis, air-cycle climate control systems, trailed agricultural machinery, as well as other machinery, equip-ment, units and components for the railway, automotive, agricultural, general and power engineering, de-fense, metallurgical and other industries. The Company was established in 1995, and today it unites a num-ber of leading manufacturing companies and engineering centres with more than half a century of history.

At present the SKB Ukrelectromash conducts extensive works on the reconstruction of industrial sites, purchases new equipment, involves huge powers of the company in the technological process, integrates new progressive technological processes.

Quality of the manufacturing products is constantly improving. All above mentioned allowed to the SKB, during the time spend after the collapse of the USSR, not to lose the possibility to develop the high-intelligent technique, but to extend the product line, to have possibility to be sure in better tomorrow. The SKB Ukrelectromash is ready to supply high-quality serial products as well as develop the new products at the highest technical level.