Super high speed induction motors DAV20B, DAV50B


 Built-in squirrel-cage induction motors are designed for turbo compressor drives of climate control systems, fans and others. Motor power and control are performed with a frequency converter. Induction motors can have a frame design on customer’s request, and in this case forced cooling is provided by customer with an external blower fan. Induction motors with frame have no resonant frequency in the whole operating range of speed changes. On customer’s request induction motors can be supplied with a frequency converter and with pre-set acceleration and brake characteristics, as well as with an embedded temperature detector.



Voltage                                                                                                                                                                                  380 V          
Rated speed20 000 – 30 000 rpm
Speed control range 1 000 – 40 000 rpm
Output power on the shaft5 – 50 kW
Efficiency93 %
Operating temperature range–60 … +100 °С
Insulation thermal resistance gradeН (200°С)
DAV-20B rotor weight1.8 kg
DAV-20B motor weight≤8.5 kg
DAV-50B rotor weight4 kg
DAV-50B motor weight≤20 kg