Induction motors for gearless elevator drives of ADBKh180L12LBU3 series


Squirrel-cage induction motors are designed for operation with a frequency converter  and rotor speed control. The control is provided according to scalar control law.  Motors are designed for gearless machines of modern elevators.

Mounting arrangement is on feet with two shaft outlet ends. Traction sheave is mounted directly on the motor shaft. Electromagnetic brakes and speed sensor are mounted on the opposite side of the motor shaft. Motor cooling is natural convection without a blower fan on the shaft. Temperature protection is built in winding.

Parameters   Values        
Rated power on the shaft                                                                                                                             6.7 kW
Rated power speed200 rpm
Speed control range40-250 rpm or 5-30 Hz
Rated torque320 N*m
Rated input current≤20 A
Average lifetime before overhaul20 000 hours
Insulation thermal resistance gradeF (150°С)
Motor weight≤220 kg
Winding overtemperature110°С
Operating mode                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           intermittent periodic duty S5 according to GOST   183  
Frame outer diameter355 mm
Frame length450 mm
Max. height420 mm
Max. length730 mm

*On customer’s request induction motor can be manufactured with a different control range, built-in air cooling system (if required), electromagnetic brakes, etc.