Energy efficient induction motors of AIRE series

According to the International Energy Agency induction motors of increased energy efficiency together with frequency converters can save about 7% of total world-consumed energy volume. In 2011 it was prohibited to sell electric motors with energy efficiency less than IE2 in the EU countries. After 2015 large sizes motors shall comply with IE3 efficiency class, after 2017 all motor sizes shall meet this requirements. 


• savings due to reduction of energy costs, which can be compared with a new motor price of the same frame size
• difference in price between energy efficient and conventional motor will be 
recovered within 1 year
• high efficiency at partial motor load
• reduction of motor overtemperature to 30°С
• operation at increased power loads
• extension of winding and bearing unit lifetime by 20-35%

71, 80, 90, 100 — dimension (frame size), mm
2, 4, 6, 8 — number of poles
E — energy efficient motors according to the requirements of IEC 60034-30 and IEC 60034-31
IE3 — energy efficiency according to the requirements of IEC 60034-30
IE4 — energy efficiency according to the requirements of IEC 60034-31
IP44 and IP54 — protection degrees according to government standard of Ukraine IEC 60034-5
IC411 — cooling method according to government standard of Ukraine IEC 60034-6

Energy efficient motors during its lifetime might help customers to save costs equal to the triple price of a new motor. This provided the basis to start the development of widely-used motor types with higher energy efficiency. Motors correspond to the requirements of technical specifications 1-00213799-114 for standard motors in all unspecified parameters.

Motor typePowerEfficiency, %Energy efficiency factor
AIR 71 А2                                                0.75                                         80.7                                              IE3                     
AIR 71 B21.182.7IE3
AIR 80 А21.5 84.2IE3
AIR 80 B22.285.9IE3
AIR 80 А41.184.1IE3
AIR 80 B41.585.3IE3
AIR 80 А60.7578.9IE3
AIR 80 B61.181.0IE3
AIR 90 L23.087.1IE3
AIR 90 L42.286.7IE3
AIR 90 L61.582.5IE3
AIR 100 S24.088.1IE3
AIR 100 S43.087.7IE3
AIR 100 L62.284.3IE3
AIR 100 L25.589.2IE3
AIR 100 L44.088.6IE3