Air-cycle turbo technology (ATT)

A combined climate control system is a fully variable reversible heating machine, which serves as an air conditioner in summer (t = +27…+50°С) and as a heat pump in winter (t = +7…-50°С) with 100% potential fresh air supply. If it is required, ATT can operate in the ventilation mode as well.


Green energy

What makes the technology developed at UPEC unique is the use of air as a refrigerant. This makes it possible to apply highly efficient open and combined cycles, within which air as a thermodynamic working medium flows directly into premises to be cooled or heated and replaces required volumes of the ambient air supply. All other systems provide cooling or heating of premises with application of an “external” working medium (freon, water, ammonia, CO2, etc.), which operates in the closed cycle and transfers energy through the heat exchanger walls. Only air is 100% environmentally friendly, 100% available and also 100% free of charge. Furthermore, due to the application of air bearings, there are no oils or greases in the system, which definitely positions the unit as an environmentally safe climate control unit of “green energy”.

Revolution in the climate control technology

Another very important ATT feature, with air as a working medium, is its capability to operate within the ambient temperature range: -50...+50°C, unlike conventional heat pumps and air conditioners, which have a significantly narrower temperature range and strictly limited capability to supply fresh air at an acceptable efficiency both in summer and winter. Depending on the ambient temperature, the ATT heating efficiency (COP) is 2.8...4.2 and the cooling efficiency is 1.3...1.7 (with respect to humidity and ambient temperature), with fresh air supply into premises of up to 100%. Moreover, the ATT conversion and heating / cooling efficiency increase with a reduction of ambient temperature, while the same features of conventional units deteriorate significantly.



In summer, the compressed air is cooled in the heat exchanger with ambient air. The cooled air is expanded in a turbine, which causes its temperature decrease down to +5...10°C. The resulting cooled air is supplied into premises. Hot air after passing through the heat exchanger is emitted into the air or additional circuit attachment (water heating, etc.). In winter, warm air is transferred from the heat exchanger into the premises, while the supercooled air is drawn into the ambient environment. With the benefit of the company's know-how, efficient energy use of air and condenser discharged in the cycle provides high energy performance of the unit and high quality of the supplied air.

How it work

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